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Brennan Manning

Paul Claudel, the poet, said that the greatest sin is to lose the sense of sin.

The man without a lively sense of the horror of sin does not know

Jesus Christ crucified. The knowledge that sin exists and that man is a

sinner comes only from the cross. The Christian can delude himself into

believing that sin is simply an aberration or a lack of maturity, that

preoccupation with security, sensation, and power is caused by

oppressive social structures and personality hang-ups,

that he is sinful but not a sinner – a mere victim of

circumstances, compulsions, environment, addictions, upbringing, and so forth.

The Passion

nails these lies, illusions, and rationalizations to the cross of truth.

Even the last perversion of truth he clings to – the self-flattery that suggests

he is being rather humble when he disclaims any

resemblance to Jesus Christ – has to go.

As I head into Holy Week….remembering My Savior’s PASSION…..I am faced with the fact that I must not just “look” at my sin….but own it. “The greatest sin is to lose the sense of my own sin”…..stares at me in the face.  I have to ask this question…..have I lost the sense of my own sin?  Do I look more at someone elses sin and become the pharisee….instead of the one forgiven.  Is my life more about what I don’t do…..(the list of don’ts that make me superior to others) instead of exhibiting a life driven to love others…..giving myself to the work that Christ walked out for me while he was here on earth? Does my life even resemble Christ’s or have I deluded myself, once again.  These things I ponder as I get ready for Easter Sunday…..


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Taken from bits and pieces of

Brennan Manning’s writings


He is the Lord of Laughter; our laughter is the echo of His risen life within us.

Blessed are you only if you can laugh at yourselves, if you don’t take yourselves too

seriously, if human living doesn’t revolve around you and your needs.

Only if you can delight in all of my Father’s creation…..

and in the presence of the Living God.

Only if your laughter means that you have let go in reckless confidence all that shackles you

yesterday, imprisons you in your small self today, and frightens you with the uncertainty of

tomorrow.  Blessed are you who laugh, because you ARE FREE!


There were seasons I did not laugh…..nothing seemed funny……all was dark…..despairing…..hurtful.  I regret that I could not find one thing to laugh about….I mean really laugh about…..from the depths of me….tears rolling down my face…..kinda laughing.  I was too focussed on what I didn’t have….what I had lost……what I couldn’t find.

I have learned……there is always something to be joyful about….it is my choice. That even in the midst of intense pain….suffering….dissappointment….anger…..I can choose to look beyond what is happening and find much to be grateful for….to laugh at. I can choose to find my circumstances unbearable….or I can look at it as a new opportunity for growth or a new perspective, challenge, way to love and live. There are countless times in a day that God shows me….”Hey Girl…..I dig you”.  Did you notice any of the ways I proved today that you are my greatest delight?

I have to say…..

I can’t wait to hear His laughter…..I think it’s going to take my breath away!!  I think He laughs at me all the time…..not just because I can be funny…..but because He really enjoys me.  He “gets” me…I don’t have to pretend to be anybody but myself….He is my “safe place to fall” which makes me laugh out loud….

in absolute amazement and delight….

and that, my friend, is FREEDOM!


What have you laughed out loud at lately?

How has God shown you He cares for you deeply?

Could you be missing His displays of affection?


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