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Taking a shower is one of those tasks that in the moment-to-moment daily grind of motherhood can often become the highlight of my day.  It is MY time.  All by myself.  No questions to answer.  No needs to be met. Quiet.  Solitude.  Peace.  Door closed….means, “DO NOT BOTHER MOM”.  I even tell my little guys, “Mama is going to get in the shower….anything you need before I jump in?  I will be out in just a few minutes.  Please play quietly in your room and wait for me.”  Of course, my little angels ALWAYS obey me, don’t yours?

Okay, back to reality.  This morning I was taking a shower.  I just wanted 10 minutes to myself before my day ran ahead of me.  I needed time to pray, think, and smell better.  Lost in my thoughts and lots of soap, I suddenly heard a giggle.  And there he was….my Deke, popping his head out from behind the curtain….smiling this huge grin that only he can give.  He laughed out loud and said, “I sneaked in to scare you mama!!  Did I scare you?”  We both laughed and I told him that he had scared me and then I sent him on his way…..happy that he had accomplished his goal.

As I rinsed off….I laughed to myself.  I thought of the simplicity of my youngest child.  He doesn’t notice my nakedness…stretch marks….all my flaws.  He just loves me and lives in the moment. He takes advantage of every opportunity to live life and to laugh while he is doing it.

I felt God gently say to me….”that is how I want you to live, my sweet.  Live life….always wanting to know what is on the other side of the curtain. Always in expectation of something beautiful….lovely….amazing….this is what I want to share with you.  I want to laugh with you….dance with you….listen to you speak my name….explore with you….watch as you discover the rose I had bloom just for you….in your favorite color, or the birds singing an opera created just for your listening ears to wake you gently from your sleep. Every day…..I have endless surprises in store for you….if you will only learn to live in the moment.”

I dare you to pull back the curtain…..there’s an adventure waiting just for you….and me!


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